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Beware scammers posing as HitBTC reps

Scammers using HitBTC representations are rigorously aiming to scam anyone they can. So far I know they’ve been contacting members of the HitBTC forums.

They have ICQ accounts using the real HitBTC logos as their avatars. (Scammer ICQ: 723627901)
They even have the domain and send emails from (scammer email) as real .com reps


As you can see, the user “Death-Note” is most likely part of the scam.

HitBTC support replies:

Dear traders! are scammers, do not give them your personal information. is the only right address. Follow basic internet security measures: don’t visit unknown suspicious links, check your PC for malware on a regular basis, and everything will be fine.

Another way they are phishing for our personal informations is through ICQ. I’ve been contacted via ICQ by someone who claims to be part of the HitBTC team. To confirm about this I asked the HitBTC team in a thread, posted below:


Dear @TalkBitcoinsCom HitBTC support team has no ICQ support service. We strongly recommend you to not talk to these people. Don’t visit unknown suspicious links, check your PC for malware on a regular basis, and everything will be fine.

As you can see, another confirmed scamming or phishing attempt.

We all need to beware, these scammers are rigorously attempting to steal anything they can from you, information, money, crypto, ANYTHING.

Cryptopia delisting InfiniteCoin (IFC)

“Status: Maintenance. 22nd January – IFC network was the victim of a 51% attack which resulted in the loss of some funds in Cryptopia’s IFC wallet. Unfortunately Cryptopia is unable to regulate or control a coins network. The wallet is now empty and IFC will be delisted ASAP.”

And sad to say, but their support has not been helpful with my attempts to withdraw my coins since 2 months ago

They have replied Feb 2, 2018:

“As you may know, IFC has been a target of a 51% attack and due this attack the majority of IFC coins were lost. We are now lifting the maintenance status to allow users to withdraw their coins.

Users are allowed to withdraw and will be based off first come first serve basis. We realise that this isn’t ideal, so please try and withdraw at your earliest convenience.

Once the wallet is empty, we will be delisting this coin.

As it is the Coin’s team who are responsible for ensuring their network is secure, any further Complaints and support requests should be directed towards the IFC team. You may be able to contact them via their website here: or

We sincerely apologise for any losses that may have incurred due to this attack.

Kind Regards,
Cryptopia Support”

CasinoCoin Foundation final statement on Cryptopia from casinocoin

December & upcoming fork informations

United Bitcoin (UBTC) (coinmarketcap shows ticker UBTC)
Dec 12 – block height 498777 (phase 1) & 502315 (phase 2)
Supporting wallets: Okex distributed UBTC tokens, their statement is here. They posted on their site “For those who have their Bitcoin stored on cryptocurrency exchanges, the UB team has notified in excess of 65 major exchanges via email about UB, UBTC and the forking procedure. The team is in various stages of integration to support UBTC trading as well as assist them in the distribution of the UBTC they received for their users.” See more here. Also Binance mentions UBTC as eventually maybe supporting UBTC on their article here.
Note: one of the reps for United Bitcoin is Jeff Garzik, he was a pro-Segwit2x :thumbsdown:

Super Smart Bitcoin (SBTC)
Dec 12 – block height 498888
Supporting wallets: Listing Gate, HitBTC, Bitfinex (not given), Okex (given already) and LOTS more. Also Binance mentions SBTC as eventually maybe supporting SBTC on their article here.

BitcoinX (BCX)
Dec 12 – block height 498888
Supporting wallets: Gate, Okex and lots more listed as supportive exchanges

Oil Bitcoin (OBTC)
Dec 12 – block height 498888 &
Supporting wallets: Their website lists quite a few, but I have not received OBTC from any.

A Bitcoin (ABTC)
Dec 12 – block height 498888
Supporting wallets: Kucoin distributed ABTC tokens, they also list HitBTC as an exchange partner

Bitcoin Neuro (BNR)
early to mid Dec – block height 498967 and bitcoin talk thread here.
Supporting wallets: Coinomi

Bitcoin Unlimited (BU?)
Date NA
Supporting wallets: NA

Bitcoin Platinum (BTP)
Dec 23 – block height 498577 (possibly postponed to 500000)
Supporting exchanges: NA

Bitcoin World (BTP)
Dec ? – block height 499357
Supporting wallets: NA

Bitcoin World (BTW)
Dec ? – block height 499777
Supporting wallets: NA

Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC)
Dec 20 – block height 499999
Supporting exchanges: HitBTC, Okex, Yobit, and a lot more Chinese bitcoin exchanges

Bitcoin Faith (BTF)
Dec 20 – block height 500000 &
Supporting exchanges: (distributed already), (Dec 19, compmleted)

Bitcoin New (BTN)
Dec 25 apprx – block height 501000
Supporting exchanges:

Bitcoin God (GOD)
Dec 25 – block height 501225
Supporting exchanges: HitBTC, (distributed already), Okex, Yobit (distributed already), & they list a lot more that could possibly support it.

Bitcoin File (BIFI)
Dec 25 – block height 501225
Supporting exchanges: HitBTC, (distributed already), Okex, Yobit, & they list a lot more that could possibly support it.

Quantum Bitcoin (QBTC)
Dec 28 – block height ??
Supporting exchanges: none yet

Bitcoin ALL (BTA)
Dec 28 – block height ??
Supporting exchanges: none yet

Bitcoin Cash Plus (BTCP & BCP)
Jan 2 – block height 501407
Supporting exchanges: Yobit (distributed coins already)

B2X (Segwit2x)
Dec 28 – block height 501451
Supporting exchanges: HitBTC, Yobit (distributed already), Exrates, and Zumminer.
Notes: will NOT support b2x fork

Bitcoin Nano (BTN)
Dec ?? – block height 501888
Supporting exchanges: and bitpie wallet

Bitcoin Ore (OBTC)
Dec 31 – block height 501949
Supporting wallets:

Bitcoin Uranium (BUM)
Dec 31
Bitcointalk thread here.
Supporting exchanges: Yobit (distributed already)

Bitcoin Pizza (BPA)
Jan 2 – block height 501888
Supporting exchanges: NA

Bitcoin Lightning (BLT)
This is not a fork of Bitcoin!!! Not an airdrop too! Just posting here to let you know some infos, they seem a bit misleading since using the “bitcoin” name, even though is not fork or airdrop.
Jan 6 launched

Supporting exchanges:

Bitcoin Rhodium (BTR)
This is not a fork of Bitcoin it’s an airdrop to BTC holders
Jan 10 screenprint, distributed Jan 18
Supporting exchanges: NA

World Bitcoin (WBTC) 世界比特币
Jan 13 – block height 503888
Supporting exchanges: Okex
Note: Okex announced they’ll be distributing WBTC tokens on Jan 29th (Edit – tokens received)

Bitcoin Smart (BCS/SMART)
Jan 21-22 – block height 505050, 1:100
Supporting exchanges: Yobit

Bitcoin Vote (BTV)
Jan 21-22 – block height 505050, 1:1
Supporting exchanges: Yobit

Bitcoin Interest (BCI)
Jan 21-22 – block height 505083
Supporting exchanges: Trade Satoshi, HitBTC & Okex, and they’re negotiating with Bitfinex & Bittrex

Bitcoin Atom (BCA)
Jan 25-26 – block height 505888
Bitcointalk thread here.
Supporting exchanges: Okex, Yobit, &

Jan 25, block height 506066, 1:1000
Supporting exchanges: NA

Bitcoin LITE (BTCL)
Jan 30, 1:1
Supporting exchanges: NA

Bitcoin Pro (BTP)
Feb 6, block height 506984, 1:1000
Supporting exchanges: NA

Bitcoin 2 (BTC2 or BTO)
Feb 6, block height 507850 1:1
Supporting exchanges: NA

Bitcoin Private (BTCP)
Feb 28, 2018 (snapshot) (according to this tweet)
Bitcointalk thread here and Reddit thread.
Supporting exchanges: NA (speculation about Bittrex & Binance supporting it)
Note: Zclassic (ZCL) and Bitcoin (BTC) holders will have opportunity to claim BTCP tokens from this fork of Zclassic into Bitcoin, creating BTC Private.

Bitcoin Dollar (BTD or BTDOLL)
Feb 28, 2018 (snapshot) (according to this thread)
Bitcointalk thread here and mysteriously their Twitter page has been suspended.
Supporting exchanges: Yobit only so far.

Byteball Bytes (GBYTE)
March 2, 2018
This is not a fork, this is an airdrop for Byteball/Bitcoin holders
Supporting exchanges: Cryptopia & Bittrex
Note: Check the Byteball distribution rules here.

Bitcoin Ti (BTI)
March 3 – block height 512480
Supporting exchanges: none yet

Bitcoin Silver (BTCS)
This is NOT a fork of bitcoin, instead it’s an ICO
Bitcointalk thread here.
Supporting exchanges: Yobit (distributed already)
From what I read on their website this looks like an ICO based on Ethereum.

Bitcoin Z (BTCZ)
This is another ETH-based ICO using the name bitcoin to attract attention. Basically imo is branding theft.

You can see more listings of bitcoin hard & soft forks on Pieifo website here.

Upcoming Bitcoin Forks in 2018 – Here’s What to Watch For

Super Smart Bitcoin (SBTC) and BCX double forking day

Ok so today at bitcoin block height 498888 we had a double fork from Super Smart Bitcoin (SBTC) and BCX. SBTC 1:1 and BCX 1:10,000. I used the exchange & Okex to get my forked coins, all went smooth, dumped everything quickly for bitcoin, as usual. SBTC has been ranging from around $105 – $300 today, while BCX has been ranging around $0.016 – $0.03.

SuperSmartBitcoin (SBTC)
See the Bitcointalk thread here.



As usual most of the Chinese bitcoin exchanges were supporting these forked coins. I participated in using, Okex, and Bitfinex. Gate & Okex distributed all tokens asap while Bitfinex still waiting, will post results later. Binance mentions they maybe give SBTC eventually.

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) fork today

Hey folks, another day, another Bitcoin forking situation. Today’s fork will be Bitcoin Diamond (BCD). The fork will occur at block height 495866 (most likely Friday Nov 24th US central time). So far I’ve heard rumor of these coins be much less valuable than the previous forked coins, like Bitcoin Cash & Bitcoin Gold. You can read more about this new altcoin on their official site

Supporting exchanges: Binance, Okex, Exx, RightBTC, Hash Token, OtCoin, BTCbox, Kex, Aex,, Oex,, Kkex, Coinbene, Bitsun, HKSY, CoinEgg,, Coinnest, Bibox, Huobi,, Lbank, Coolcoin, Allcoin.

Binance released this statement yesterday:

Fellow Binancians,

Binance is preparing for the upcoming Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) hard fork (estimated to occur on 2017/11/24) with the following procedures:

Before the potential fork, Binance will take a snapshot of all Bitcoin balances in Binance accounts (including BTC held in open orders) at Block 495,866. After we determine the forked blockchain and wallet to be usable and stable, Binance will credit users with their BCD (1BTC will give 10BCD).
For the trading and listing of BCD on Binance, BCD will go through the same strict listing review process as Binance does for any other coin/token. The default position we have is no listing.
If you are unsure on how to deal with the technical issues regarding Bitcoin forks, feel free to deposit your Bitcoins in your Binance account in advance of the fork and we will handle it for you and ensure you will have all potential assets after the fork.
Going forward, we foresee there to be many coins forked off of BTC. Binance is not supportive of forks that occur simply for the sake of forking.
Thanks for your support!

Binance Team


EDIT: Dec 13, 2017, I heard some reports of Bitcoin Diamond being a scam, most of what I read at this Reddit post seems all conspiracy theory, accusations like: domain privately registered? This is normal for anyone in any industry. Anyways, keep aware and if anyone knows anything factual pertaining to this, please contact us.

Segwit2x has been cancelled

Read about it!

The upcoming Segwit2x situation

Get ready, prepare your bitcoins! Make sure you’re storing them on a Segwit2x supportive exchange, Ledger Nano or Trezor.

I was going to research the exchanges and make an informative compiliation but it looks like BitcoinMagazine has beat me to it, luckily! haha. If your exchanges are these:
Bitfinex, Bitmex (awesome stance on s2x), Bitstamp, GDAX (Coinbase), Bitflyer, Kraken, HitBTC,, CoinsBank,, itBit, Gemini (Winklevoss’ exchange), Coinfloor, BTCC (Chinese), BitMarket, QuadrigaCX (Canada), Mercado Bitcoin (Brazil & Argentina), Bitso, The Rock Trading, & EXMO … then check the detailed descriptioins of those on BTCmag here.

Others that have not made statements yet about the upcoming segwit2x (B2x) UAHF are: Mercatox, OKcoin, & Binance.

But also make sure to check your exchanges own blog or announcements pages so you can hear it from the horse’s own mouth.

Which crypto adding to Bithumb next?

Bithumb is the Korean exchange with massive volume. Check it out, Usually after they add any crypto the price surges to highs, Monero from $60’s to $130’s, Zcash from $250’s to $450’s, and last was QTUM which didnt perform as well (but what were they thinking by adding this coin last time?)

So lets get prepared! The question of today is, “Which crypto currency is Bithumb going to add next?” is it Neo, Cardano, IOTA, OmiseGO, Stellar, Lisk?