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Bitconnect finally gone bust!

The sketchy crypto coin and lending platform Bitconnect has finally gone bust!

Just $400 per 1 unit of BCC a few weeks ago, down to $15 today, and still dropping.

Their website and subreddit are offline:

You can still get an idea of the damage by checking out BCC on Coinmarketcap site here. Also read more about it at this article.

Many youtubers were promoting Bitconnect with their referral links, many came across as spammy, for such a scammy pyramid-style setup that Bitconnect was. Users like Craig Grant, Trevon James & CryptoNick, c’mon fuckers, you knew exactly what you were pushing! Quit pleading innocence on this! 😡

The shameless BCC holders hitting HitBTC trollbox with comments like “Buy BCC!!!” or “hold your BCC it go back up”, “HODL BCC”, but if you have a brain in your head, you know better than to touch it with a 10 foot pole.


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Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) fork today

Hey folks, another day, another Bitcoin forking situation. Today’s fork will be Bitcoin Diamond (BCD). The fork will occur at block height 495866 (most likely Friday Nov 24th US central time). So far I’ve heard rumor of these coins be much less valuable than the previous forked coins, like Bitcoin Cash & Bitcoin Gold. You can read more about this new altcoin on their official site

Supporting exchanges: Binance, Okex, Exx, RightBTC, Hash Token, OtCoin, BTCbox, Kex, Aex,, Oex,, Kkex, Coinbene, Bitsun, HKSY, CoinEgg,, Coinnest, Bibox, Huobi,, Lbank, Coolcoin, Allcoin.

Binance released this statement yesterday:

Fellow Binancians,

Binance is preparing for the upcoming Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) hard fork (estimated to occur on 2017/11/24) with the following procedures:

Before the potential fork, Binance will take a snapshot of all Bitcoin balances in Binance accounts including BTC held in open orders) at Block 495,866. After we determine the forked blockchain and wallet to be usable and stable, Binance will credit users with their BCD (1BTC will give 10BCD).
For the trading and listing of BCD on Binance, BCD will go through the same strict listing review process as Binance does for any other coin/token. The default position we have is no listing.
If you are unsure on how to deal with the technical issues regarding Bitcoin forks, feel free to deposit your Bitcoins in your Binance account in advance of the fork and we will handle it for you and ensure you will have all potential assets after the fork.
Going forward, we foresee there to be many coins forked off of BTC. Binance is not supportive of forks that occur simply for the sake of forking.
Thanks for your support!

Binance Team


EDIT: Dec 13, 2017, I heard some reports of Bitcoin Diamond being a scam, most of what I read at this Reddit post seems all conspiracy theory, accusations like: domain privately registered? This is normal for anyone in any industry. Anyways, keep aware and if anyone knows anything factual pertaining to this, please contact us.

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BTC-e bitcoin exchange seized by US gov


Russian bitcoin exchange BTC-e has been seized by the US gov for possible fraud. All coins have been currently confiscated. BTC-e reps have been giving updates on BitcoinTalk forum.

Here is update #3 and most recent update is update #6, you’ll have to use Google translate probably since the entire thread is in Russian language.

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Mark Karpeles arrested by Japanese Police for bitcoin fraud

August 1, 2015 Tokyo police arrest former CEO of Mt. Gox Mark Karpeles on charges of stealing over $1,000,000 from users of his bitcoin exchange also tampering with financial records to inflate his bank account.

MtGox CEO Mark Karpeles arrested in Japan

MtGox CEO Mark Karpeles arrested in Japan

See more at BBC World News here.

Or at ZDNET here.

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Beware this possible phishing scam

I received an email today that was supposedly from the Bitcoin wallet Blockchain, from email address which read:

Blockchain – Bitcoin transfer



you have won 1,34 BTC at our global Bitcoin-winning game.

Username: xxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxx

Step 1
Download and start the transfer program from

Step 2
Login with your tempory username and password.

Step 3
Enter yout BTC-Wallet address and click on the receive-button.


We would be pleased if you check out our service.
We are not a bank, you retain complete ownership of your Money. We cannot view your balance, see your transactions or make payments on your behalf.
Our advantages:
– Mobile support
– Double encryption
– One click backups
– Payment notifications
– Charts & Analytics

I also posted a thread about this on here. Everyone there agrees this is totally an email phishing or full blown scam.

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Coingig blacklisted for massive spamming

Talk Bitcoins blacklisting

Talk Bitcoins blacklisting is sending out massive emails and blog spam comments using the blackhat SEO tool Xrumer. Very spammy and “cheating” way to attempt to grow their website. My f*ck you salute to Coin Gig.

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Coinabul has many scammer accusations

Coinabul deemed as a scammer site from many users

Coinabul labeled as a scammer site from many users

Warning: Coinabul trying to defraud customers!

SCAMMER Coinabul owes me 3.3 BTC!

SCAM – Coinabul owe me 81btc

SCAM – Coinabul owe me 90btc

Don’t buy anything from coinabul. Yet another complaint.

I have emailed them asking their side of the story for these incidents, this is their reply:

We process an ungodly sum of bitcoins, and a massive number of transactions. Literally millions of dollars worth of products have been sent by us in the last few months alone, in thousands of unique transactions. Out of all of those, we have never failed to deliver products or done our best to provide recompense if providing a product is not an option. However, the Bitcoin market is still highly experimental and populated by many less-than-stable individuals who like to make a lot of noise, complain for no reason, demand we break the law, attempt continual fraud against us, et cetera. This week our current statistic is 3.125 parcels shipped per work-hour, with an average value of approximately $5,000 per parcel. With us shipping approximately $250k in orders within the last 48 hours alone, as well as myself working an average of 20 hours per day for the last few years, I have to say that you’re quite incorrect.

Our numbers stack up higher than just about any other Bitcoin-related endeavor in existence, and to not expect a few irrational/unhappy loud voices after such a massive track record is rather unrealistic. You will find that outside of Bitcoin-land, you see the same type of behavior although it’s far less prevalent than within. A great example is these kinds of reports about APMEX, who is currently the largest online retailer in the USA. Before I started dealing with large purchases for my own personal reserves years ago, I’d use them for little bits of silver and gold consistently. They deal with billions in volume, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them, and yet you find lots of angry people.

Moral of the story is, you can’t please everyone and while the really happy customers are quiet, the angry ones always make a big stink. I think both of us would be better served if all of the investigation could be more focused on the people selling drugs and illegal weapons, or nonexistent ASICs, or nonexistent paper-backed gold ETF’s, than the folks like me who are absolute sticklers about morality and helping the growth of both the Bitcoin and bullion markets.


I must say, this is very understandable. Every huge company is going to have some negative feedback mixed in with the majority of positive feedback. I just hope those people claiming that Coinabul is a scam are not quick trigger complaints.

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