Bitconnect finally gone bust!

The sketchy crypto coin and lending platform Bitconnect has finally gone bust!

Just $400 per 1 unit of BCC a few weeks ago, down to $15 today, and still dropping.

Their website and subreddit are offline:

You can still get an idea of the damage by checking out BCC on Coinmarketcap site here. Also read more about it at this article.

Many youtubers were promoting Bitconnect with their referral links, many came across as spammy, for such a scammy pyramid-style setup that Bitconnect was. Users like Craig Grant, Trevon James & CryptoNick, c’mon fuckers, you knew exactly what you were pushing! Quit pleading innocence on this! 😡

The shameless BCC holders hitting HitBTC trollbox with comments like “Buy BCC!!!” or “hold your BCC it go back up”, “HODL BCC”, but if you have a brain in your head, you know better than to touch it with a 10 foot pole.


Conspiracy theory: China intentional crypto price manipulation

imagine if China eventually retracted their statements banning bitcoin mining in China, China centralized exchanges, OTC, or anything crypto….. using that news as a massive price manipulation to their own advantage. This would be incredibly smart, towards building wealth of course, but is that fair? Would this effect any world wide regulation or law towards markets or finance manipulation? Lets discuss

Search Google for “china manipulating currency” and you’ll see, manipulation is something they have always done with currency, why wouldn’t they with something as easy to manipulate as bitcoin or any other crypto?

Email me your thoughts

Conversation with a crypto expert

I have never had a conversation in my hometown about bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, or any crypto in the last 10 years, well, very minimal, until 2017. In 2017 with the explosion of crypto, especially bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, and all, many people love to discuss this topic, some love, some hate, some just amazed and excited.

This is what sums up many conversations I’ve had with normal everyday people supporting or indirectly trying to pump their shitcoin (Ripple in this story), but many with Tronix, Bcash, and many others.

expert: “dude, RIPPLE is where it’s at!!!”
me: “why XRP?”
expert: “what’s XRP?”
me: “XRP is the abbreviation for Ripple”
expert: “anyways, dude!! it was like $1, then $3!!!”
me: “but it’s centralized”
expert: “what do you mean?”
me: “nothing, shall we get shots?”
expert: “fuckyeaaaaa”

Seems so many people think they’ve become crypto experts lately, giving advices and such, nobody knows anything so please quit that shit! And if you’re going to pump anything please at least have an argument or some kind of reason! Jeez!!!

Bitcoin Jesus or Crypto Cancer?

Roger Ver, he calls himself “Bitcoin Jesus”, as a narcissistic that he is, must compare himself to higher powers, or GODlike figures like Jesus. In my opinion he is a cancer to the crypto markets, bitcoin especially, but surely the entire crypto game as a whole.

Everyone, do not support narcissistic, egotistical, scammer, misleading and master manipulators like Roger Ver! Things he’s involved with are: Bcash (Bitcoin Cash, BCH), Zcash (ZEC), (beware, he aims to mislead you into getting Bitcoin wallets while in fact you’re getting Bcash wallets), and the list goes on.

Checkout more about Roger Ver at


Newbie money entering the crypto world

There has been an influx of newbie money entering the crypto space, many newbs that I know are seemingly more interested in Xrp, LTC, & Iota, and I always ask why, from what I have observed, they are not interested to invest in Bitcoin because it is “too high” or “too expensive”, so it seems they want to invest in the less popular coins, no matter what they may be, because they are cheaper, mor affordable, can own full units, and I’m pretty sure their drive is that they want to recreate the bitcoin rising experience.

So with Ripple rising so quickly right now (39-79cents in last 24hr), really great for those making tons of gains, but my gut is telling me this one, with the new money, which will be panicky and weak, once it begins to downturn, should fall really big, really fast.

December & upcoming fork informations

United Bitcoin (UBTC) (coinmarketcap shows ticker UBTC)
Dec 12 – block height 498777 (phase 1) & 502315 (phase 2)
Supporting wallets: Okex distributed UBTC tokens, their statement is here. They posted on their site “For those who have their Bitcoin stored on cryptocurrency exchanges, the UB team has notified in excess of 65 major exchanges via email about UB, UBTC and the forking procedure. The team is in various stages of integration to support UBTC trading as well as assist them in the distribution of the UBTC they received for their users.” See more here. Also Binance mentions UBTC as eventually maybe supporting UBTC on their article here.
Note: one of the reps for United Bitcoin is Jeff Garzik, he was a pro-Segwit2x :thumbsdown:

Super Smart Bitcoin (SBTC)
Dec 12 – block height 498888
Supporting wallets: Listing Gate, HitBTC, Bitfinex (not given), Okex (given already) and LOTS more. Also Binance mentions SBTC as eventually maybe supporting SBTC on their article here.

BitcoinX (BCX)
Dec 12 – block height 498888
Supporting wallets: Gate, Okex and lots more listed as supportive exchanges

Oil Bitcoin (OBTC)
Dec 12 – block height 498888 &
Supporting wallets: Their website lists quite a few, but I have not received OBTC from any.

A Bitcoin (ABTC)
Dec 12 – block height 498888
Supporting wallets: Kucoin distributed ABTC tokens, they also list HitBTC as an exchange partner

Bitcoin Neuro (BNR)
early to mid Dec – block height 498967 and bitcoin talk thread here.
Supporting wallets: Coinomi

Bitcoin Unlimited (BU?)
Date NA
Supporting wallets: NA

Bitcoin Platinum (BTP)
Dec 23 – block height 498577 (possibly postponed to 500000)
Supporting exchanges: NA

Bitcoin World (BTP)
Dec ? – block height 499357
Supporting wallets: NA

Bitcoin World (BTW)
Dec ? – block height 499777
Supporting wallets: NA

Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC)
Dec 20 – block height 499999
Supporting exchanges: HitBTC, Okex, Yobit, and a lot more Chinese bitcoin exchanges

Bitcoin Faith (BTF)
Dec 20 – block height 500000 &
Supporting exchanges: (distributed already), (Dec 19, compmleted)

Bitcoin New (BTN)
Dec 25 apprx – block height 501000
Supporting exchanges:

Bitcoin God (GOD)
Dec 25 – block height 501225
Supporting exchanges: HitBTC, (distributed already), Okex, Yobit (distributed already), & they list a lot more that could possibly support it.

Bitcoin File (BIFI)
Dec 25 – block height 501225
Supporting exchanges: HitBTC, (distributed already), Okex, Yobit, & they list a lot more that could possibly support it.

Quantum Bitcoin (QBTC)
Dec 28 – block height ??
Supporting exchanges: none yet

Bitcoin ALL (BTA)
Dec 28 – block height ??
Supporting exchanges: none yet

Bitcoin Cash Plus (BTCP & BCP)
Jan 2 – block height 501407
Supporting exchanges: Yobit (distributed coins already)

B2X (Segwit2x)
Dec 28 – block height 501451
Supporting exchanges: HitBTC, Yobit (distributed already), Exrates, and Zumminer.
Notes: will NOT support b2x fork

Bitcoin Nano (BTN)
Dec ?? – block height 501888
Supporting exchanges: and bitpie wallet

Bitcoin Ore (OBTC)
Dec 31 – block height 501949
Supporting wallets:

Bitcoin Uranium (BUM)
Dec 31
Bitcointalk thread here.
Supporting exchanges: Yobit (distributed already)

Bitcoin Pizza (BPA)
Jan 2 – block height 501888
Supporting exchanges: NA

Bitcoin Lightning (BLT)
This is not a fork of Bitcoin!!! Not an airdrop too! Just posting here to let you know some infos, they seem a bit misleading since using the “bitcoin” name, even though is not fork or airdrop.
Jan 6 launched

Supporting exchanges:

Bitcoin Rhodium (BTR)
This is not a fork of Bitcoin it’s an airdrop to BTC holders
Jan 10 screenprint, distributed Jan 18
Supporting exchanges: NA

World Bitcoin (WBTC) 世界比特币
Jan 13 – block height 503888
Supporting exchanges: Okex
Note: Okex announced they’ll be distributing WBTC tokens on Jan 29th (Edit – tokens received)

Bitcoin Smart (BCS/SMART)
Jan 21-22 – block height 505050, 1:100
Supporting exchanges: Yobit

Bitcoin Vote (BTV)
Jan 21-22 – block height 505050, 1:1
Supporting exchanges: Yobit

Bitcoin Interest (BCI)
Jan 21-22 – block height 505083
Supporting exchanges: Trade Satoshi, HitBTC & Okex, and they’re negotiating with Bitfinex & Bittrex

Bitcoin Atom (BCA)
Jan 25-26 – block height 505888
Bitcointalk thread here.
Supporting exchanges: Okex, Yobit, &

Jan 25, block height 506066, 1:1000
Supporting exchanges: NA

Bitcoin LITE (BTCL)
Jan 30, 1:1
Supporting exchanges: NA

Bitcoin Pro (BTP)
Feb 6, block height 506984, 1:1000
Supporting exchanges: NA

Bitcoin 2 (BTC2 or BTO)
Feb 6, block height 507850 1:1
Supporting exchanges: NA

Bitcoin Private (BTCP)
Feb 28, 2018 (snapshot) (according to this tweet)
Bitcointalk thread here and Reddit thread.
Supporting exchanges: NA (speculation about Bittrex & Binance supporting it)
Note: Zclassic (ZCL) and Bitcoin (BTC) holders will have opportunity to claim BTCP tokens from this fork of Zclassic into Bitcoin, creating BTC Private.

Bitcoin Dollar (BTD or BTDOLL)
Feb 28, 2018 (snapshot) (according to this thread)
Bitcointalk thread here and mysteriously their Twitter page has been suspended.
Supporting exchanges: Yobit only so far.

Byteball Bytes (GBYTE)
March 2, 2018
This is not a fork, this is an airdrop for Byteball/Bitcoin holders
Supporting exchanges: Cryptopia & Bittrex
Note: Check the Byteball distribution rules here.

Bitcoin Ti (BTI)
March 3 – block height 512480
Supporting exchanges: none yet

Bitcoin Silver (BTCS)
This is NOT a fork of bitcoin, instead it’s an ICO
Bitcointalk thread here.
Supporting exchanges: Yobit (distributed already)
From what I read on their website this looks like an ICO based on Ethereum.

Bitcoin Z (BTCZ)
This is another ETH-based ICO using the name bitcoin to attract attention. Basically imo is branding theft.

You can see more listings of bitcoin hard & soft forks on Pieifo website here.

Upcoming Bitcoin Forks in 2018 – Here’s What to Watch For

Super Smart Bitcoin (SBTC) and BCX double forking day

Ok so today at bitcoin block height 498888 we had a double fork from Super Smart Bitcoin (SBTC) and BCX. SBTC 1:1 and BCX 1:10,000. I used the exchange & Okex to get my forked coins, all went smooth, dumped everything quickly for bitcoin, as usual. SBTC has been ranging from around $105 – $300 today, while BCX has been ranging around $0.016 – $0.03.

SuperSmartBitcoin (SBTC)
See the Bitcointalk thread here.



As usual most of the Chinese bitcoin exchanges were supporting these forked coins. I participated in using, Okex, and Bitfinex. Gate & Okex distributed all tokens asap while Bitfinex still waiting, will post results later. Binance mentions they maybe give SBTC eventually.