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Super Smart Bitcoin (SBTC) and BCX double forking day

Ok so today at bitcoin block height 498888 we had a double fork from Super Smart Bitcoin (SBTC) and BCX. SBTC 1:1 and BCX 1:10,000. I used the exchange Gate.io & Okex to get my forked coins, all went smooth, dumped everything quickly for bitcoin, as usual. SBTC has been ranging from around $105 – $300 today, while BCX has been ranging around $0.016 – $0.03.

SuperSmartBitcoin (SBTC)
website: http://supersmartbitcoin.com
See the Bitcointalk thread here.

website: https://bcx.org


As usual most of the Chinese bitcoin exchanges were supporting these forked coins. I participated in using Gate.io, Okex, and Bitfinex. Gate & Okex distributed all tokens asap while Bitfinex still waiting, will post results later. Binance mentions they maybe give SBTC eventually.

Bitcoin Gold and exchanges that support it

List of Bitcoin exchanges and wallets with information about supporting Bitcoin Gold

Bitfinex is supporting BTG and has already credited Bitcoin holders with our BTG. Post is here.

Bittrex supprting, but deposits closed already. Their post here.

HitBTC supporting both Bitcoin Gold and Segwit2x. Their post here.

Bitstar has announced their support for BTG on their announcement post here.

Coinbase info from their blog post

Poloniex might distribute BTG depending on the replay protection fix, they posted today about it here.

Cex.io will split the coins and distribute to their users after the fork. See blog post here.

Gemini no statement about it yet

Mercatox no statement yet

Wex no statement about BTG yet

Bitmex no statement about BTG yet, only mention of Segwit2x on their blog here.

Trezor just released information about them supporting Bitcoin Cash on their blog here.

Ledger Nano S no statement about it yet, but there are reports that as long as your BTC are stored in “legacy” or “segwit” wallets then once replay protection is setup for BTG then you’ll be able to redeem your BTG tokens.

Mtgox is not supporting Bitcoin Gold

and a lil bit of Jimmy Song’s views and you can read more about BTG and their development team at their website https://btcgpu.org

US Citizens troubles with Bitcoin exchanges

So recently I wanted to test out the Bitmex trading platform, and as I tried to begin by depositing bitcoins into my account, I get this message:

Due to local laws, BitMEX is unable to service your country (US). We cannot accept deposits. If you believe this to be in error, contact us at support@bitmex.com.

While any US citizen using Bitfinex (imho the best bitcoin trading platform around) know that they are terminating all crypto transactions from ALL US individual customer accounts:

“we are terminating trading, deposits, and withdrawal functionality for U.S. individual customers by no later than November 9, 2017.”

from this post.

WTF is going on??? I would love to hear your informations or opinions on why this is happening, is Trumpland USA really fucking shit up internationally?


Bitcoin Cash (BCC) surprised us all

Bitcoin Cash August 1st, 2017 UASF split Bitcoin into 2, BTC and Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) * causing massive stress, panic, excitement amongst bitcoin holders.

Bitfinex automatically credited about 85% of BCH tokens to users while we were expecting 1:1, the reason why was posted on Bitfinex BCH distribution update here.

The price was almost instantly around $450 usd when I tuned in and sold from $450-680 and it maxed out at $693 yesterday August 2. The price soaring was a shock since most bitcoin enthusiasts believed Bitcoin Cash to be a shitty altcoin that would die ASAP. Reddit had hired posters helping to push the hype. My theory is that Chinese investors $$$ was the probable cause of the huge gains, possibly funded or partially funded by Jihan Wu *, who was a strong supporter of BCC/BCH.

With HitBTC opening BCC/BCH wallets first, and the price going so low as $200 (0.08 BTC) I think this is solid proof that opening wallets on other exchanges will drive the price down of Bitcoin Cash.

List of Exchanges & wallets that supported the token split: Bitfinex, Bithumb, BitstarEx, Bittrex, BTCbox, BTCpop, CoinFloor, Huobi, Korbit, Kraken, MercadoBitcoin, Okex & Okcoin, Toubi, ViaBTC.

You can check the current market rates per supporting exchange at CoinMarketCap Bitcoin Cash page here.

List of Exchanges & wallets that did not distribute tokens: Bitstamp, Bleutrade, Coinbase, Cryptopia, GDAX, Gemini, Poloniex.