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Bitcoin price soars to $500 today!

Are you also sitting on the edge of your seat watching the Bitcoinity live chart going haywire all day, everyday for the last few days? The bitcoin price soaring from $237 a month ago up to $500 today’s maximum price (so far).

rise bitcoin RISE!

rise bitcoin RISE!

Now, lets speculate why this is happening? What are your opinions? (please comment your thoughts)

Is it:

USAA integrating bitcoin balance for their banking customers??
Blockchain tech featured in The Economist magazine (or blockchain technology in general)
The Winklevoss’s launch of trading platform Gemini.com
Worldpay quietly supporting Bitcoin and Blockchain
Something happening in CHINA?

Maybe just a mix of them all, or some secret undercover shit that is way over our heads? Other ideas?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Coinbase fees too high?

Bitstamp with 0.5% fee and then there’s Coinbase with 1% fee, I was wondering, why is this so high? and is this fair? I love bitcoin but really for an exchange to be taking 1% on all sells and all buys is just ridiculous imo. I love you Coinbase, love you bitcoin, but this really should be updated to a more fair amount.

The Winklevoss brothers are launching Gemini but it seems they have not yet released their fee amount. I emailed them already:

Hi, i’d like to know what kind of fees will Gemini have per transaction?
Coinbase has 1%, Bitstamp 0.5%
Where will you guys be at? I’m very interested, i’d love to see something lower than 1%, that is insane imo
Thank you

from TalkBitcoins.com

I am not the only one who thinks this way, here’s a thread on Reddit about it ->

I love you coinbase, and love your easy to use platform, but really, why the high fees?

UPDATE (Oct 18, 2015): Gemini replied that they have only 0.25% transaction fees! 🙂

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Coinbase launches a new “Vault” safety feature

Coinbase has done it again! They are allowing us customers to sleep well at night knowing our bitcoins are totally safe now with the launch of their new “Vault”. It is a way to totally protect your bitcoins, there are 2 email and 1 sms authentications, so it’s a lot better and safer than ever before.

The admin looks like this:


Coinbase sent this email on July 25th 2014 announcing the launch of their new Vault:

Sleep Well Knowing Your Bitcoin is Safe

Bitcoin wallets are great for day-to-day spending, but storing large amounts of bitcoin requires extra security. This is why we created Coinbase Vault.

How does it work?
Withdrawals are time delayed with notifications delivered to your phone and email

Optionally choose multiple withdrawal approvers for increased security

Up to 97% of bitcoin is stored entirely offline in geographically distributed safe deposit boxes and private safes

How much does it cost?
The Coinbase vault is 100% free and has no fees.

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Overstock now accepting bitcoin from Coinbase merchant

Oh wow, Overstock is of the biggest websites in the world (approx 600th most visited site in the world according to Alexa) and now is accepting Bitcoin purchases through the bitcoin merchant and exchange Coinbase.


HUGE news, and GREAT news for Overstock, Coinbase, and overall for our decentralized currency bitcoins!

Read more at the Coinbase blog here.

Find out more of the Coinbase/Overstock partnership on Overstock website here.

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Bank questioning customers about Bitcoin purchase and selling

A user of TalkBitcoins.com wrote in today with this question, and I personally have dealt with the same issue with my small hometown bank:

Bank questioning my Bitcoin purchases?

Hi, my USA hometown bank called me today and was questioning me about my Coinbase/BTC purchases. It was their security and fraud department. They were asking all kinds of questions about why do I buy them, what are they used for, and also mentioned how BTC are very involved with terrorism and money laundering.

My question to you guys is, what is the typical reply you think Coinbase customers should use? I really felt pretty violated that my bank, or any bank for that matter would be asking these things from me.

So does anyone know when and what guidelines are being put into place to help out banks and customers fix problems like this?

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Good news from Coinbase

coinbase_logo Received an email with some great news from Coinbase.

Here is the email:

Good news! All level 2 accounts can now purchase bitcoin instantly on Coinbase!

With this change comes one additional requirement: all level 2 accounts will now need to complete an identity verification step.

To restore your level 2 status please complete your identity verification from the verifications page.

Kind regards,
The Coinbase Team

I did the 2nd level verification, it’s a bit creepy, they pull some questions that were found instantly from information about you from the internet.

Enjoy it for all you Coinbase’ers 🙂

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Great news at Coinbase!

Coinbase now has BTC for sale again

Coinbase now has BTC for sale again

I heard Coinbase received $5,000,000 in venture capital funds recently so I thought I’d try buying again from Coinbase. Just as a test, and the transaction went through as a SUCCESS! So this is great news guys, you can now buy Bitcoins at Coinbase again!!! 🙂

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Operation Shock and Awe

I just seen this file that is a greedy and lowlife attempt at attacking Bitcoin trading websites so that the users involved can buy the BTC once they’ve lowered the price, and then sell once the price has gone back up.

Really shady technique some people will use to get money. Really lowlife scum.

Here is the exact information:

Operation Shock And Awe 2013-04-22

Operation Shock And Awe 2013-04-22

===Date: Monday 2013-04-22
===Start time of event: 15:30 UTC
===Goal: Bring bitcoin price < $30 US dollars Members, here it is, today's timeline of events. 15:30-15:45 UTC - Spread bogus AP press releases to 50+ national US and British media outlets and 100+ local outlets indicating exchange site Mt. Gox under investigation by Japnese government for securities fraud, with seizure and asset freeze soon 15:45-16:00 UTC - After initial publication of bogus AP press releases, spam story on reddit and upvote with sock accounts, spread panic in comments using sock accounts 16:00 UTC - Several sellers lined up for a coordinated dump of 250,000+ BTC which will crash the price to under 100 to correlate in time with publication of bogus AP reports 16:10 UTC - Massive coordinated http packet flood (distributed F5) from botnet of 1,000,000+ compromised machines on the following sites: - https://www.mtgox.com - https://btc-e.com - https://www.coinbase.com - https://www.bitpay.com - https://www.bitinstant.com - https://www.bitcoitalk.org - http://s2.bitcoinity.org - http://bitcoinium.com/ - http://bitcoincharts.com/ 16:30 - 17:00 UTC - During the ddos, buy only from Bitstamp which will not be included in the ddos but was included in the coordinated dump. 17:00 UTC - Stop ddos, buy as much cheap bitcoin from MTGOX as possible as quickly as you can 17:00 or later - Bogus AP reports will be corrected / debunked as hoax, price will rebound Potential profit 200-300% You all know your stations, distribute this paste to the rest of the group as it won't last long on the hidden wiki. Don't let this get out to the public, we need the price to remain high at 120 leading up to the event for maximum effect. ~~ PREPARE FOR SHOCK AND AWE ~~ http://pastebin.com/QAPxhEbP

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