List of all the Bitcoin trading websites

Coinbase Coinbase
Coinbase is a San Francisco based Bitcoin trading site who’s committment is to “making bitcoin easy to use”. Their team consists of 3 people, Olaf Carlson-Wee, Fred Ehrsam, and Brian Armstrong. Their investors are Greg Kidd, Y Combinator, Garry Tan, Start Fund, Adam Draper, Funders Club, and IDG Ventures.

My personal experience with Coinbase was the smoothest and best of all the BTC trading sites out there. Their layout is the simplest. You’re bank account gets approved quickly with a small deposit that you must verify (the same way that Paypal verifies bank accounts).

coin mx logo Coin.Mx (closed July 2015)
Coin MX is a pretty new bitcoin exchange that allows you to buy bitcoin many ways including credit card purchases, both Visa and Mastercard (I personally used a MasterCard recently to purchase bitcoins at, for a steep fee, but still is nice to have the option available). You can also purchase Litecoins at CoinMx.

okcoin logo OK Coin
Ok Coin is a worldwide crypto-currency trading platform. It resembles Coinbase quite a bit. It is mostly focused in for trading in China.

bitfinex Bitfinex
bitstamp_logo Bitstamp
Bitstamp is a European Union based bitcoin marketplace. It allows people from all around the world to safely buy and sell bitcoins.

BTC-E is a Russian-based Bitcoin exchange open since July 2011.

Vircurex Vircurex
Vircurex, the exchange platform for buying, selling and trading your Bitcoins and its various alt-chains. We currently support Bitcoin, Namecoin, Devcoin, Litecoin, Ixcoin, PPCoin, Terracoin

VirWoX VirWoX
VirWoX is where you can buy or sell Linden Dollars, Avination C$, and OMC for Euro, US dollars, Swiss Franc, and British Pounds. From my experience here, you can deposit funds to your VirWoX account via Paypal, then buy Linden Dollars, then you exchange those for Bitcoins. I ended up paying about $24 over priced for 1 Bitcoin. So if Bitcoins is what you want, expect to pay way overpriced amounts at VirWoX.

BTC China BTC China
BTC China is the #1 bitcoin exchange in China.

CaVirtEx Ca VirtEx
Trade, buy and sell bitcoins using VirtEx Canadian-only bitcoin exchange site.

Bitcoinary Bitcoinary (closed)

Bitfloor Bitfloor (closed)
Bitfloor has ceased all operations and closed its doors recently. Bitfloor closing post.

Mt..Gox Mt.Gox (closed)
Mt.Gox is the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, BY FAR! According to their July 2011 date, Mt. Gox was handling over 80% of all Bitcoin trade.

My personal experience with Mt. Gox is a nightmare getting verified with them.

If you know of anymore Bitcoin exchange & trading sites please let me know. You can contact me here.

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