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Craig Wright email to Roger Ver

Bitcoin Cash having a civil war before the Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin SV fork on November 15. Craig Wright (aka faketoshi), of nChain, sent this email to Roger Ver:

“If you want a war…

I will do 2 years of no trade. Nothing.

In the war, no coin can trade.

If you want ABC, you want shitcoins, welcome to bankruptcy.

It was nice knowing you.

Bitcoin will die before ABC shits on it. I will see BCH trade at 0 for a few years. Will you?

Side with ABC, you hate bitcoin, you are my enemy. You have fucking no idea what that means.

You will.

I AM Satoshi. Have a nice life. You will now discover me when pissed off.

And, no. You Could have had proof. Your choice.

Fuck off,


Roger Ver’s thoughts about the fork, and about the Craig Wright Threats:

Bitcoin Cash has been a mess from the beginning. Problems with much of the crypto space, stemming from some BCH community members trying to confuse crypto newbies, saying “Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin” (which is obviously lies and intended for confusion)

CCN article here
Coin Journal article here.

Why does Jihan Wu hate “Bcash”?

At a conference a man refers to Bitcoin Cash as “Bcash” and Jihan Wu gets his panty in a bunch, “Maximum disruption” yelling out “Iss Bitcoin Cash! Not Bcash!”

The question is, WHY Jihan do you really care so much what people call your altcoin? I have a theory.

One of the main reasons Bitcoin Cash is even “a thing” right now is because of it’s parasitic nature, not only does Bitcoin Cash copy Bitcoin’s logo, they also steal the priceless branding that bitcoin and it’s team of developers have built.

SEC decision on Winklevoss ETF is today!

The SEC is going to make their decision to approve or deny the Winklevoss ETF (exchange-traded fund) today.

Place your bets! Do you think they will approve, or deny?


Winklevoss’s own the Bitcoin exchange called Gemini, NASDAQ: COIN.

Good luck to them, and to bitcoin for this monumental event!

EDIT: The SEC did not approve the ETF 🙁

666 – The number of the beast

Well today is national “Bitcoin 666 – number of the beast day”, yes I proclaimed today as this! We hit $666 and bitcoin is all over the place the last few days. Lets settle on this, today is BTC666 day! What are you going to do for celebration? Egg your neighbors house? Pee all over the toilet seat? … ok ok, lets not get any worse than this! LOL

Bitcoin $666 the number of the beast!

Bitcoin $666 the number of the beast!


…. ok enough of this, let quit this craziness and go “to the moon” from here on out! 🙂

Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM machine coming soon

Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM

Mike Tyson is coming out with a bitcoin ATM machine this coming August 2015. The website doesn’t have much information of where it will be located or any other details, but you can subscribe to the mailing list to get emails about updates, info of what is the dealy.

His website says:


Good luck Iron Mike, I hope you can get your ATM machine out as planned! Checkout the website here (website now closed).