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SEC decision on Winklevoss ETF is today!

The SEC is going to make their decision to approve or deny the Winklevoss ETF (exchange-traded fund) today.

Place your bets! Do you think they will approve, or deny?


Winklevoss’s own the Bitcoin exchange called Gemini, NASDAQ: COIN.

Good luck to them, and to bitcoin for this monumental event!

EDIT: The SEC did not approve the ETF 🙁

Prime Dice – awesome new bitcoin gambling site

Prime Dice

My friend just introduced me to this new bitcoin gambling website called Prime Dice. You send bitcoin to your account there, setup your gambling technique and odds, and you let the auto roll go! I just turned 1 bitcoin into 1.5 bitcoin in the past hour. Call me lucky, or whatever, it was fun to watch. Let me know if you join and I can help you setup your bets the way I have mine 🙂