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Conspiracy theory: China intentional crypto price manipulation

imagine if China eventually retracted their statements banning bitcoin mining in China, China centralized exchanges, OTC, or anything crypto….. using that news as a massive price manipulation to their own advantage. This would be incredibly smart, towards building wealth of course, but is that fair? Would this effect any world wide regulation or law towards markets or finance manipulation? Lets discuss

Search Google for “china manipulating currency” and you’ll see, manipulation is something they have always done with currency, why wouldn’t they with something as easy to manipulate as bitcoin or any other crypto?

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Why does Jihan Wu hate “Bcash”?

At a conference a man refers to Bitcoin Cash as “Bcash” and Jihan Wu gets his panty in a bunch, “Maximum disruption” yelling out “Iss Bitcoin Cash! Not Bcash!”

The question is, WHY Jihan do you really care so much what people call your altcoin? I have a theory.

One of the main reasons Bitcoin Cash is even “a thing” right now is because of it’s parasitic nature, not only does Bitcoin Cash copy Bitcoin’s logo, they also steal the priceless branding that bitcoin and it’s team of developers have built.

Bitcoin and the China situation

CCTV BTC Documentary about bitcoins

(sorry it’s in China language)

Read what a Chinese born US citizen says about the CCTV BTC Documentary here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1dosc3/im_a_chinese_born_us_citizen_heres_what_i_thought/

He describes it well in full detail.

Also read the thread on Bitcoin Talk about it here.

The only problem is that currently Chinese law forbids digital currency to be used for anything other than online things. (ie: gaming, gambling, etc etc).

Talk about strength in numbers, well China is where it’s at! Imagine the power that the Bitcoin can gain with strength in numbers from a country like China. It reminds me of that 12th season episode of Southpark where Cartman is having a nightmare about the Chinese people taking over the world LOL.

Southpark "The China Problem"

Southpark “The China Problem”

See the episode here: http://www.southparkstudios.com/full-episodes/s12e08-the-china-probrem