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Why does Jihan Wu hate “Bcash”?

At a conference a man refers to Bitcoin Cash as “Bcash” and Jihan Wu gets his panty in a bunch, “Maximum disruption” yelling out “Iss Bitcoin Cash! Not Bcash!”

The question is, WHY Jihan do you really care so much what people call your altcoin? I have a theory.

One of the main reasons Bitcoin Cash is even “a thing” right now is because of it’s parasitic nature, not only does Bitcoin Cash copy Bitcoin’s logo, they also steal the priceless branding that bitcoin and it’s team of developers have built.

SEC decision on Winklevoss ETF is today!

The SEC is going to make their decision to approve or deny the Winklevoss ETF (exchange-traded fund) today.

Place your bets! Do you think they will approve, or deny?


Winklevoss’s own the Bitcoin exchange called Gemini, NASDAQ: COIN.

Good luck to them, and to bitcoin for this monumental event!

EDIT: The SEC did not approve the ETF 🙁

666 – The number of the beast

Well today is national “Bitcoin 666 – number of the beast day”, yes I proclaimed today as this! We hit $666 and bitcoin is all over the place the last few days. Lets settle on this, today is BTC666 day! What are you going to do for celebration? Egg your neighbors house? Pee all over the toilet seat? … ok ok, lets not get any worse than this! LOL

Bitcoin $666 the number of the beast!

Bitcoin $666 the number of the beast!


…. ok enough of this, let quit this craziness and go “to the moon” from here on out! 🙂

Prime Dice – awesome new bitcoin gambling site

Prime Dice

My friend just introduced me to this new bitcoin gambling website called Prime Dice. You send bitcoin to your account there, setup your gambling technique and odds, and you let the auto roll go! I just turned 1 bitcoin into 1.5 bitcoin in the past hour. Call me lucky, or whatever, it was fun to watch. Let me know if you join and I can help you setup your bets the way I have mine 🙂


Hair salon in Glendale California accepts bitcoin

Here is an article written in, from a guest writer. Good to see that even real life OFFLINE shops/stores are now accepting bitcoin as payment!

First in Glendale, California: Glamour Hair Studio to Accept Bitcoin

Glamour Hair Studio accepts Bitcoin

Glamour Hair Studio accepts Bitcoin

I was passing by Broadway Street in Glendale California when I noticed “Bitcoin Accepted” sign on a window of the local business. This was the first time I ever seen a physical business accepting digital currency. It struck my interest, and I decided to walk-in to have a small interview with the owner.

In a small interview with business partners, Arch and Isabel, I asked the following questions:

Why did you deiced to accept Bitcoin?

Arch responded with a wide smile on his face:

Fast, Cheap and Safe!!!

Fast: Transaction shows up in your account almost instantly and you know you got paid. Of course, it takes about 10 minutes for the network to verify and clear the payment. However, that’s not an issue compared to conventional payment processors’ 2-5 day timeframe.

Cheap: It’s much cheaper than conventional currency processing. You might incur a very small fee, if I’m not mistaken, that is for rewarding the miners for payment processing. Also, there is 1% charge if you like to instantly convert your BTCs to Dollars, with no volatility risk. But when you keep transactions in Bitcoins, there are no fees. And, that is a huge plus for a business.

Safe: You don’t need to trust someone for handling your money. You receive BTCs straight into your digital wallet in a matter of minutes. And, no holds, when payment processor decides to freeze your money for unexplained reasons”

Also, Isabel added:

“There is no chargebacks. In our experience, most chargebacks occurred as a fraudulent transaction by someone simply not willing to pay for the service we provided. We are respected business, and if for any reason customer is not happy and wants a refund, we will give a customer a refund. I don’t think there is a need for chargebacks”

How do you accept bitcoin? How is the payment process taking place?

Arch took his phone, entered the amount, and quickly generated Bitcoin Address in a form of the QR Code. He added

“You just scan the QR code with your smartphone and send a payment from your digital wallet to our payment address. Most wallets have a QR code scanning feature. If you don’t have it, you can download a QR scanner app to quickly generate the payment address. It’s that easy”

Do you think deflating currency is better than inflating?

Arch took a deep breath and said

“In my opinion, naturally deflating currency is better, but again, it’s too soon to say, we just need to wait and see. However, I don’t think we will have huge, irreversible problems with deflation. If it becomes an issue it can be managed to some degree, in an opposite way as the inflation is being managed”

To summarize:

I had a great conversation with Arch and Isabel and I share their excitement of new innovations.

Based on everyday news, it seems that Bitcoin is gaining traction and becoming more widely accepted all over the world.

By Liliana Abramovich

Asian Babe Cams and Asians 247 now accepts Bitcoin

The asian live webcams porn company Cam Dough has released this statement:

We have added the ability for members to use Bitcoins to make chat time purchases on AsianBabeCams and Asians247. Totally anonymous, and increasing in popularity, this payment solution gives even surfers from former non-billable countries with options to finally purchase chat credits. Chat credit packages up to $299 can be made using Bitcoins

Asian Babe Cams accepts Bitcoins

Asian Babe Cams accepts Bitcoins

So this could be some fun for those of you who are interested in asian live webcam girls 🙂