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Another ZCL & BTC fork into Anonymous Bitcoin

There is another Zclassic & Bitcoin forking into Anonymous Bitcoin in September, 2018. (BTCA, ticker will be confirmed later).

The team behind Anonymous Bitcoin claimm to improve the fork situation, in comparison to the previous fork of ZCL & BTC into Bitcoin Private (BTCP). They plan to work with exchanges prior to launching, with confirmation about listings. This was one major problem that BTCP ran into.

For more information about AnonymousBitcoin check their official pages.
Website: https://www.anonymousbitcoin.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTCA_FORK

Bitconnect finally gone bust!

The sketchy crypto coin and lending platform Bitconnect has finally gone bust!

Just $400 per 1 unit of BCC a few weeks ago, down to $15 today, and still dropping.

Their website and subreddit are offline:

You can still get an idea of the damage by checking out BCC on Coinmarketcap site here. Also read more about it at this article.

Many youtubers were promoting Bitconnect with their referral links, many came across as spammy, for such a scammy pyramid-style setup that Bitconnect was. Users like Craig Grant, Trevon James & CryptoNick, c’mon fuckers, you knew exactly what you were pushing! Quit pleading innocence on this! 😡

The shameless BCC holders hitting HitBTC trollbox with comments like “Buy BCC!!!” or “hold your BCC it go back up”, “HODL BCC”, but if you have a brain in your head, you know better than to touch it with a 10 foot pole.


Bitcoin and the China situation

CCTV BTC Documentary about bitcoins

(sorry it’s in China language)

Read what a Chinese born US citizen says about the CCTV BTC Documentary here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1dosc3/im_a_chinese_born_us_citizen_heres_what_i_thought/

He describes it well in full detail.

Also read the thread on Bitcoin Talk about it here.

The only problem is that currently Chinese law forbids digital currency to be used for anything other than online things. (ie: gaming, gambling, etc etc).

Talk about strength in numbers, well China is where it’s at! Imagine the power that the Bitcoin can gain with strength in numbers from a country like China. It reminds me of that 12th season episode of Southpark where Cartman is having a nightmare about the Chinese people taking over the world LOL.

Southpark "The China Problem"

Southpark “The China Problem”

See the episode here: http://www.southparkstudios.com/full-episodes/s12e08-the-china-probrem

Interview with MTGox CEO Mark Karpeles

Interview Mtgox CEO Mark Karpeles

Interview Mtgox CEO Mark Karpeles

Mtgox CEO Mark Karpeles is in this Reuters video interview explaining his opinion about how the Bitcoin value fluctuates and what is needed to take the Bitcoins to the “next step” and raising it’s value. He seems very realistic, even explaing that BTC is possibly a risky investment, but that also it’s a sure thing in the long run.