Good news from Coinbase

coinbase_logo Received an email with some great news from Coinbase.

Here is the email:

Good news! All level 2 accounts can now purchase bitcoin instantly on Coinbase!

With this change comes one additional requirement: all level 2 accounts will now need to complete an identity verification step.

To restore your level 2 status please complete your identity verification from the verifications page.

Kind regards,
The Coinbase Team

I did the 2nd level verification, it’s a bit creepy, they pull some questions that were found instantly from information about you from the internet.

Enjoy it for all you Coinbase’ers 🙂

1 thought on “Good news from Coinbase

  1. Ryan Hibbs

    I have tried seven times to verify my identity and each time it just said failed. The reasons they give me such as moving locations, new social security, number, etc are no possible reasons why it wont work as none would apply to me. It is frustrating and their support is no help.

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