Newbie money entering the crypto world

There has been an influx of newbie money entering the crypto space, many newbs that I know are seemingly more interested in Xrp, LTC, & Iota, and I always ask why, from what I have observed, they are not interested to invest in Bitcoin because it is “too high” or “too expensive”, so it seems they want to invest in the less popular coins, no matter what they may be, because they are cheaper, mor affordable, can own full units, and I’m pretty sure their drive is that they want to recreate the bitcoin rising experience.

So with Ripple rising so quickly right now (39-79cents in last 24hr), really great for those making tons of gains, but my gut is telling me this one, with the new money, which will be panicky and weak, once it begins to downturn, should fall really big, really fast.