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Scroll Network exit scam

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  • Scroll Network exit scam

    So this shitcoin exit scam is just now unfolding.
    Checkout their site
    "SoluTech, Inc. (also known as “Scroll” or the “Scroll Network”) is no longer conducting active business. Further questions should be directed to (508) 549-5797, or via email to"

    And according to Coincodex, SCRL has already crashed 90% over night!!!

    Scroll Network "Scroll Tokens (SCRL) are integral to the proper functioning of The Scroll Network. Transaction gas costs must be compensated from an established SCRL balance so that payment is automatic and instantaneous. SCRL can also be used for software subscription fees and other goods and services within the Scroll Network ecosystem."
    "Your Data is Yours. Empowering Users with Tools for Decentralization"