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Altsbit exchange hack - 50% funds gone

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  • Altsbit exchange hack - 50% funds gone

    Altsbit seems like a tiny crypt exchange, i never heard of it til this weeks hack. Seems like almost 50% of users funds are gone forever . Remember guys, "not your keys, not your Bitcoin", keep your coins off exchanges!

    1. On February 5, 2020 the exchange Altsbit suffered an attack by hackers, in the attack unfortunately a certain quantity of coins were stolen from the platform. After a careful analysis we managed to understand the stolen quantities, fortunately a good part of the coins were kept on cold storage, these coins will be returned to the users of Altsbit exchange not having the possibility to compensate for these losses, they will be distributed among all users of the platform each coin will have its calculation based on the percentage that was saved during the attack

    2. Current verified losses are:

    BTC Lost 6,929 coins out of 14,782 - 7.853 will be returned to users. 53.10% (Refunded)
    ETH Lost 23,21 out of 32,262 - 9.052 will be returned to users. 28.06% (Refunded)
    ARRR Lost 3924082 out of 9619754 - 5695672 will be returned to users 59.20% (Refunded)
    VRSC Lost 414154 out of 852726 - 438572 will be returned to users 51.24% (Refunded)
    KMD Lost 1066 out of 48015 - 46949 will be returned to users. 97.77% (Refunded)

    3. User balances were updated in accordance with current situation described above.

    3. To request a partial refund of the available ARRR BTC ETH VRSC KMD you must perform these steps:

    -login to exchange
    -click on “funding” at the “exchange” page top
    - click on “withdraw”
    - fill the address and sum (pay attention to new balance)
    - fill the verification email or 2FA code
    - click on “withdraw”.

    After that your request will send to our support system and a copy sent to your email. Withdraw will done manually by our technical support specialists.

    4. In terms of refund timing we will try to do as soon as possible at least for those coins that have a higher value, we understand your situation and market fluctuations, the refunds to be made are many and mostly manually so they take longer. We will do our best to complete this step asap.

    5. Refunds will begin on February 10 2020 and end on May 8 2020, after this date it will no longer be possible to request a refund as the Altsbit platform will be terminated

    6. Please pay close attention to people who pretend to be Altsbit employees, who promise you various things. Be wary of these people

    Do not give any information to anyone, just use ticket after creating the form

    Altsbit employees will never ask for confidential information

    Scammers will promise to repay the lost funds, pay close attention
    You can check their updates on