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Anyone seen crypto Twitter today?

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  • Anyone seen crypto Twitter today?

    So someone hacked very high profile Twitters of Biden, Obama, Elon Musk, @Bitcoin, Charlie Lee @satoshilite, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, @CashApp and many more, asking for victims to send Bitcoin , and that they'd send twice as much back.

    "Tough day for us at Twitter. We all feel terrible this happened. We’re diagnosing and will share everything we can when we have a more complete understanding of exactly what happened. to our teammates working hard to make this right."

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    Peter Schiff said Bitcoin was hacked LOL

    "It looks like all verified Twitter accounts have been hacked by someone running a #Bitcoin scam. For once not being verified has its advantageous. I wonder if this is a harbinger of Bitcoin itself being hacked? Better to play it safe and just buy #gold."

    This guy never fails to take aim at Bitcoin, usually with low blows, closed mind, and stupidity.


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      Peter is lol
      exploiting Bitcoiners for traffic, clicks, attention to his gold site
      would be nice if the hackers are caught and jailed

      Apparently social engineering attack on admin panels