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Revolut has Bitcoin!

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  • Revolut has Bitcoin!

    I got email from Revolut that they'll have Bitcoin available

    Revolut Crypto is officially here in the U.S.!

    In addition to our 28 supported fiat currencies, you can now send and exchange in Bitcoin and Ethereum. We’re even offering commission-free exchanges for a limited time until August 14, 2020 at 11:59 PM ET. T&Cs apply.
    i bought $20 to test and want to withdraw, there is no withdraw. Great they "have crypto" now but what's with the withdraws, is this a waiting grace period type of thing?

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    You can buy but don't own the BTC on Revolut, only buy/sell the promise

    I saw a Revolut staff replying about this, he said:
    "I’m afraid no external transfers are supported. You can buy, sell, exchange within Revolut! Find more info on our blog"

    another guy said it best:
    "It’s like a service for betting on crypto right now. Like futures, not the real thing."

    Hopefully they'll allow withdraws in near future


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      yo, i like revolut good interface ux and usually accepts my transactions
      if you dont have already other ppls can reg wiith my refer plz